Objectives of supervision

This section contains resources to support supervisors in their pursuit of the major objectives of research education.

A tool to help with thesis writing

This workshop plan is designed to help supervisors explain the structure of a typical research report or thesis to their candidates. The basic plan is for a seminar and discussion session covering the major sections of an extended research report (or thesis). Suggestions for how to offer this material, plus writers’ workshop activities for supervisors and/or candidates, are included in the plan.

Completion of research degrees

This case study can be used to explore and improve postgraduate completion rates. Its aim is to get supervisors to think about the issues raised by the case study, to contextualise these issues, and to suggest ways and means to address them in departmental and individual practice in the future.

Examining Theses

When academics are first invited to examine a thesis, they may well feel a mixture of pride and trepidation: pride because they are now considered an authority in their field, and trepidation because of uncertainty about what standards to apply and how to approach a large task that someone else’s future may depend on. Even experienced supervisors agonise over ‘difficult’ theses and how to assess them. These four workshops address some of the uncertainties and fears that exist around the examination of theses.

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