Introduction to workshops

The workshop guides provide facilitators with blueprints for planning and hosting workshops for supervisors and research students. fIRST’s workshops help institutions to improve the leadership and management of their postgraduate research programs.

They give supervisors an opportunity to:

  • practice their interactional and communication skills, e.g., discussion and negotiation, and giving support and challenging feedback
  • extend their repertoire of supervisory strategies, e.g., critical reflection, situated negotiation, coaching and mentoring
  • learn leadership skills and good practice at an institutional level


Building productive working relationships: A guide for facilitators of workshops for supervisors and research students.

Exploring different ways of supervising: A reflective interview task for supervisors, with briefing and debriefing workshops.

Examining theses: Four workshop plans for experienced and inexperienced thesis examiners.

Thesis Writing: Teaching the Genre: A workshop plan to help supervisors teach their students about the structure of a typical thesis

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