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What do we know?(Insights about which we feel confident) Conflict is a recurring feature of resocialising organisations. All socialisation is not perfect and this applies to resocialisation in organisations where inmates’ backgrounds are similar. Resocialising organisations share a number of properties concerning staff and inmates.
What do we think we know? Despite attempts to explain conflict, uncertainty exists because of a degree of inconclusiveness and methodological problems. It is not clear that conflict can be explained by inmates’ similar social backgrounds in all resocialising organisations. Use of the ‘captive syndrome’ argument to explain conflict is extremely precarious because it is an assertion and does not cover situations where inmates can choose ‘to walk away’.
What is it that we do not know? Conflict is pervasive in resocialising organisations but we still do not know why. There is no satisfactory explanation of organisational conflict using a resocialisation framework. Research, especially Grey’s work on total institutions, raises the question of whether there is a factor that has been overlooked in explaining conflict in organisations.


Research question is:

In organisations dedicated to resocialisation, to what extent is conflict a result of factors peculiar to each organisation or to the structural properties they all share?


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