Vignette 2 – Janet – Coming up to a mid-stage review


Janet is a mature-age PhD student, a sole parent, who has her mid-term review coming up in a month. She has phoned to cancel the last two meetings in the schedule of meetings agreed to earlier in her candidature. Each time there has been an apparently valid reason (e.g., a sick child). You run into her in the corridor and she tells you that everything is fine – she’s writing the paper for the mid-term review. Nevertheless you are anxious about the situation.

You think she is avoiding you. Would you intervene? And how?

What is (are) the milestone(s) at your University that would prompt a paper, presentation or report by the student?

Responses to the above were:

  • Suggest an informal meeting (coffee perhaps) and as a starting point ask the student how she is progressing against her own objectives. That may tell the supervisor if there is a problem and allows assessment of just how significant it is.
  • I’d invite her for a coffee as a starting point.
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