Vignette 1 – Ahmed – Framing supervision at the first meeting


Ahmed is a 31-year old Indonesian who has just come on course to do a PhD. This is his first meeting with you (his principal/co-supervisor).

How will you go about clarifying your supervisory relationship at this first meeting?

How will you proceed with the meeting (e.g., structure it)?

What do you consider essential to cover at this meeting?

Would your responses be similar or different if Ahmed were a local student who had just completed honours?

Does your University provide any guidelines for first meetings with students or require you to complete any documents about compliance with occupational health and safety requirements or briefings on applying for ethics approvals, etc.?

A response to the above was:

  • Hopefully there will have been some development of the relationship and outlining of expectations prior to taking the student on, and the student taking the supervisor on, both should agree/believe it is a good fit first. So the focus of this meeting should be more on the structuring and timing of meetings and an outline of the universities expectations and timings, eg when the hurdles are set and what need to be done for successfully leaping them.


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