Case study 1: Formulating your own recommendations


Discuss in small groups or think independently about the following questions:

What are the key factors responsible for this situation?
How should the players have acted differently?
What policies and/or processes would you put in place to prevent such a situation arising again?
From the point of view of the Dean of the Graduate School, what actions would you now take to resolve this case?

Make your recommendations

On the information provided, what would you recommend in relation to the student’s appeal, the letter of complaint from the industry partner, the recommendation for disciplinary action against the student, and the withdrawal of industry funds?

A response to the above was

  • A clear lack of communication across all parties is evident. All parties should have been privy to and approved the submission of any paper for publication resulting from the research. A clear process for the preparation of manuscripts and submission of work for publication should have been established with the student and industry partner by the supervisor.

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