Further resources

For supervisors and coordinators

  • Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE)
    Includes guides on postgraduate issues, events, publications, statistics & research, and links to publishers, organisations and information about higher education and research
  • Gateway on Research Supervision
    Links to information and advice regarding the practice of research degree supervision.
  • Quality in Postgraduate Research Conference papers
    The database for papers and abstracts from the Quality in Postgraduate Research conferences, held every two years in Adelaide.
  • The (research) supervisor’s friend
    A blog authored by Dr Geof Hill of the Graduate Business School at the University of Queensland.
  • Science network TV
    This site has a number of extended videos on issues around PhD supervision produced by Ronny Gunnarsson, Associate Professor in General Practice and Rural Medicine, Cairns Clinical School, School of Medicine and Dentistry of James Cook University.
    The topics covered include:

    1. How to prevent and manage problems in the relationship between PhD students and their supervisors. Interviews with supervisors and PhD students point out eight areas that seem important. This video presents these eight categories during 41 minutes. Found at: http://www.science-network.tv/?q=node/69
    2. Disagreements are mostly OK. Interviews with supervisors and PhD students point out five possible problems. This video presents this during 33 minutes. This video is found at: http://www.science-network.tv/?q=node/127
    3. Interviews with supervisors and PhD students point out what global changes have taken place in the PhD education? What are the strength and weaknesses with these changes? Where will it end? The video is 26 minutes long. Found at: http://www.science-network.tv/?q=node/66


For research students

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