The case study illustrates specific initiatives designed to create a research environment that is positive and inspiring for all researchers, but in particular HDR students. The Director identified a shortcoming with the design of HDR education in Australia and established a strategy and program that provides researchers with opportunities to develop important skills as well to mingle and learn from leading-edge researchers. This creation of a strong research community and culture is seen in this university context as key to producing world leaders in research.

The leadership for maintaining the initiatives lies with the Director of the Research Centre and the Advisory Board. The key investment to make sure the program works well has been the funding for, and selection of, the part-time position of the Convenor. The minimum requirement for involvement by HDR students and the mandatory feedback helps maintain momentum and engagement. Whilst not specifically directed at the research supervisors, their involvement is critical. Their feedback and positive evaluation of the program indicates that the program has been beneficial to their own research engagement and currency.

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