Genes to Geoscience Outlook and resources that support the program

The flagship masterclass is Genes to Geoscience Outlook, a two-day research festival where leading Australian and international researchers present what they think are the most exciting future research directions. Afternoons are spent in focus groups where all participants together develop these ideas into pre-proposals and collaborative opportunities. Postgraduates are encouraged to take ‘Outlook’ at least once during their candidature, but many participate every year.

Resources that support the program

As well as strong committee leadership of the program, other resources and activities contribute towards sustaining the coherence and clarity of purpose of the initiative.

1. At the beginning of each year a Genes to Geoscience Research Enrichment Program (GGREP) Handbook is provided to all members. In addition to advertising the masterclass menu, the Handbook outlines the aims and philosophy of the GGREP and the expectations of all members of the program. This document is a critical first point of contact for participants.

2.  GGREP has an active website ( where the masterclass menu is kept updated and additional materials are made available to participants. The website also contains information and advice for postgrads and is a convenient way of keeping GGREP members informed and updated around GGREP activities. Having an online presence is an important way of communicating to all GGREP members and helps maintain the program’s coherence.

3. At the beginning of each year the Genes to Geoscience Leadership Group and all GGREP members attend the launch of the masterclass menu. In addition to showcasing the masterclasses available for the coming year, the launch acts as an opportunity to communicate new developments and gather feedback. This meeting also articulates and reinforces the GGREP’s aims and strengthens the sense of an interactive, inclusive and multidisciplinary research community.

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