Scope of program

Research leaders from the Research Centre are invited to offer masterclasses at the frontiers of world research, thereby building a community rich with new ideas and new collaborations. Participating labs commit their postgraduate students to take part in 3-5 days of masterclasses per year. An upper limit of 5 masterclass-days is enforced to ensure students are not distracted from their personal research milestones.

A Module Menu is put forward each year of up to about thirteen modules. These run from between a day to three days in length and they’re offered by members of the Genes to Geoscience community i.e., primarily academics but also some postdocs and students. Modules focus on developing generic skills (writing, presentation & data analysis), discipline specific skills (research at the leading edge) and soft skills (communication, collaboration, teamwork & leadership). Examples of modules include: writing for publications; ‘Outlook’, which is a two-day research festival with visiting researchers from around the world; statistics; relating to media; biomechanics, biogeochemistry, colour analysis, modelling and so on. These events are in addition to what the department is providing. Genes to Geoscience Research Enrichment Program lab-leaders, and sometimes postdocs, voluntarily offer each masterclass. The masterclasses on scientific topics are given by researchers active on the world scene. They are at the cutting edge of their research disciplines, which means they raise issues ahead of what has yet been published in the scientific literature—a truly valuable experience for postgraduate participants.

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