Role of Committees

The Genes to Geoscience Leadership Group is led by the Research Director. All decisions about the programs for HDR are made at the committee level. The Genes to Geoscience Leadership Group coordinates activities, organises the masterclass menu and guides improvement of the program based on reflective feedback from masterclass convenors, postgraduate students and the Advisory Board. Both the Director and the Program Coordinator do lots of things to ensure that events happen, however everything is guided by the committee and its strategic direction.

The Research Centre also has an Advisory Board. The insights provided by Advisory Board members are also valuable in shaping the specific nature of some of the Genes to Geoscience Research Enrichment Program (GGREP) masterclasses offered. One example of this was the creation of the ‘soft skills’ masterclass in 2010. External members of the Advisory Board identified the characteristics of university graduates that they looked for when hiring into their institutions. They identified that soft skills are seen as particularly valuable in non-academic scientific institutions but that these skills were typically lacking in university graduates. In addition to identifying this need, they also provided resources and advice around how best to train postgraduates in identifying their own soft skills. On their advice and information, GGREP added a ‘soft skills’ masterclass to the GGREP masterclass menu in 2010 and 2011.

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