Monthly meetings of supervisors and students

We have monthly meetings for all supervisors and students, but only some of the supervisors come.

The meetings last for an hour followed by a shared lunch. One staff member helps set up the program and one of the students who is really interested in developing in supervision also helps. All students and supervisors are invited and it is about them making decisions about ‘Is there anything specifically in it for me?’, ‘probably not’, ‘would it be valuable for this meeting if I came?’.

The meetings take on different roles over the year, so in the early part of the year they’ll be about planning some kind of induction process or kind of kick-off process. The last three have been about planning retreats and so that’s where we come together as a group and make a decision about what topics are going to be the focus of the retreats and who’s going to be involved in what. Then groups go away and at the next meeting discuss what each group will do at the retreat and ask for feedback. The next one will be about ‘what are we going to do with progress reports this semester?’. We changed the progress reporting form after the first progress reports were due because there was a reflection on the structure of the progress reports and a discussion about what was good and what was bad.

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