Utilising the involvement in research education coordination for career development


You have just completed a term as REC, and your Head of Department/School is having trouble finding a replacement. She has identified someone—Andy—who is worried about the time it will take and whether it will detract from his burgeoning research program. Andy is also planning to apply for promotion to Associate Professor in three years’ time. Since you had been promoted during your term as REC, Andy comes to you for advice on (a) should he take the role; and (b) how could the role improve his promotion chances?

 1. What answers would you give Andy? Should he take the role? How could the role improve his promotion chances? What would he need to do?

 2. If he decides to take the role, what would you suggest he do to document his role for promotion?

Some suggestions about how these issues may be addressed can be found here.

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