Using the case studies

Changes in expectations of research education have seen the rise of new demands for coordination within Schools and Faculties. Based on an interview study of those who have taken up such roles in four Australian universities, the project has developed four case studies that map out the strategies used to develop a research culture within particular disciplinary contexts.
The case studies have been prepared for use in workshops or extended programs (e.g. Graduate Certificates in Higher Education). The following questions provide a suite of prompts, i.e. not all of them have to be used at any one time.
Each case study was generated by a local leader in a faculty, research centre or institute.

Prompts for use with case studies
What specific strategies were used to build a research culture in this case study ?
How, if at all, did the strategies address:

    • ┬áthe nature of the disciplinary context
    • the diversity of the HDR cohort (part-time, distance, international etc)
    • the involvement of supervisors

What were the institutional and personnel enablers of the strategies?

What challenges were faced in the implementation of these approaches to building a research community?

Were the strategies evaluated and if so, how?

Which initiatives, or elements of initiatives, do you see as useful in your own context?

Explain how you would go about implementing one of the initiatives.

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