Making it work

Creating efficient systems and practices (managing busy work)

The position of research education coordinator has a multitude of roles and responsibilities associated with it, there are emails from students, prospective students, supervisors requesting assistance and advice. In addition there can be scholarship rankings and applications; and coordinating  reviews and presentations of the candidates at the end of the year. The workload can be seen as quite onerous and this scenario addresses how you might cope with it. There are  also a number of suggestions from colleagues about how they coped.

Utilising the involvement in research education coordination for career development

Although being a research education coordinator can take up considerable time and may detract from an individual’s burgeoning research program, it can be a useful role to  improve promotional chances. This is particularly the case if it is seen as an opportunity to build and demonstrate leadership skills. This scenario explores the issues around seeing the research education coordination role in this light, and some colleagues’ responses are available.

Implementing change but struggling with the transition of the HDR role

This case study is a personal reflection on the implementation of institutional research and Higher Degree Research (HDR) initiatives within a department. The case study also examines the issues around continuity of structures and processes when the Departmental Director relinquishes the role after several years and it is taken up by someone else.

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