Working with supervisors

One of the areas of responsibility many RECs are involved inĀ is working with research supervisors to enhance the experience of students. These responsibilities are often exercised in one of two ways: improving research supervisors’ skills and knowledge, and addressing issues that have occurred between supervisors and students.

Engaging supervisors in improving and broadening the doctoral student experience

Most supervisors believe that they do a good job supervising their students but the students believe that they could learn more if they were exposed to researchers other than their supervisor. This scenario addressed such an issue and you can find some possible solutions here.

Dealing with supervisor-student problems

As a research education coordinator you may be faced with a situation where a student and supervisor have a disagreement that they are unable to resolve between themselves. In this situation, one or both of them come to you to help them resolve the dispute.

Engaging students and staff in sustainable research

This case study records the efforts to build a research community in a small research institute. The transdisciplinary nature of the research, and the commitment of the researchers within the institute to draw on approaches adopted by key leaders in their field, has resulted in a strong community-based model of research education and leadership.

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