Project deliverables and outcomes

Specific deliverables of the project will be:

  • A framework for conceptualising research education coordinator leadership that can be used to inform institutional leadership capability building activities and local leadership practice. The framework will be accompanied by examples of effective practices in different disciplines.
  • A set of adaptable resources to support research education coordinator leadership capability building, which will be made available through the fIRST website. These will include resources for leadership development activities and resources that research education coordinators can use at the local level with supervisors and supervisor/student groups.
  • A program of activities for research education leadership capability building, implemented in each partner university. Activities will be tailored to the context of each partner.
  • A set of strategies shown to have embedded local leadership development in research education.
  • Workshops to engage the sector with the resources and potential program options, to enable them to adapt these to their own contexts.

Primary outcomes of the project will be:

  • Improved capacity for research education coordinators to see themselves as leaders of research education and engage in leadership of research education at the local level. This will lead to improved capacity to develop and implement changes in research education, including research supervision and supervisor development, and improved research education for research students through more extensive and fully articulated programs within schools and faculties.
  • Improved institutional awareness of the role of research education academics and their needs for leadership development.
  • Conceptual and material resources to support the outcomes above.

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