Project design

The project will be carried out in four stages, as shown below.

Stage 1: Project initiation

This will include ethics application development, employment of project staff and set up of project communication and management

Stage 2: research education coordinator leadership framework development

Interviews with research education coordinators in the partner institutions will be carried out to broaden understanding of research education coordinator leadership roles and effective leadership practices at the local level and define categories of leadership roles. Formative evaluation of the framework and elaboration of the examples will be sought from focus groups of research education coordinators, including those who contributed to the interviews.

Stage 3: research education coordinator community formation and resource development (One year)

research education coordinator communities will be formed in the partner institutions as a focus for building leadership capability. These communities will meet five to six times over the year to: engage in discussions of leadership roles and practices. Specific activities will vary across institutions in response to the local contexts.

Alongside these meetings, research education coordinators will plan, carry out and have peer discussions of action learning activities, based on introducing new doctoral education and/or supervisor development approaches in their local contexts.

In parallel with these activities, the project team will develop resources that support identified needs for capability building within these communities and will trial and gain feedback on these resources through community meetings.

Stage 4: Resource adaptation, sector engagement and reporting (Six months)

In the beginning of this stage, state-based workshops will be run with staff with institutional responsibility for research education and supervisor development (e.g. academic development and graduate school staff). The purpose of the workshops is to engage others in the dissemination of the leadership capability building activities and resources developed in the project – raising awareness and seeking feedback on their usefulness for other institutions. Following the workshops, the resources will be modified and final versions made available as an integral part of fIRST consortium provision.

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