The institutions and people

The institutions

The partner institutions for the project are University of Technology, Sydney, The Australian National University, and Macquarie University. These institutions were chosen as they represented a diverse range of institutional settings and management arrangements for research education. They also represent a contrasting set of university missions and focuses, thus they make for a good platform to devise, develop and test the resources that will be the main outcome of this project. In addition to the partner institutions for the project, three universities, Edith Cowan University, RMIT University and Griffith University were cascade partners. They provided resources and facilities to roll out the outcomes of the project in their respective states.

Project Leader

Professor David Boud, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Technology, Sydney

Professor Boud has held all the main roles in research education from School Research Degrees Coordinator, through Associate Dean (Research) to Dean of the University Graduate School and he has contributed to the reform of research education practices at UTS. He was a founding member of the fIRST Consortium steering committee.

Project Team

Professor Nicky Solomon, Dean of the University Graduate School, University of Technology, Sydney

Nicky Solomon is a Professor of Education and is the Dean of the University Graduate School (UGS). In 2010 she led a major doctoral education initiative for the university that resulted in the development of a UTS Framework for Doctoral Education.

Associate Professor Jo McKenzie, Director, Institute for Interactive Media and Learning, University of Technology, Sydney.

Jo McKenzie was a founding member of the fIRST steering committee and has continued on the committee for more than 10 years. She has developed and run face-to-face and online professional development programs for research supervisors, adapted resources for sharing on the fIRST website presented and papers at the Quality in Postgraduate Research conferences.

Dr Margaret Kiley Visiting Fellow, Research School of the Humanities and the Arts, The Australian National University

Dr Kiley has undertaken extensive research on the examination of doctoral theses, research supervision and candidates’ and supervisors’ conceptions of research. Her current projects relate to the doctoral curriculum and threshold concepts in doctoral education.

Professor Angela Brew, Professorial Fellow, Learning and Teaching Centre, Macquarie University

Angela Brew is a Professorial Fellow in the Learning and Teaching Centre at Macquarie University. She is internationally renowned as a researcher and speaker and has worked in the UK and in Australia in the area of higher education for many years. Her research on the nature of research and human knowing and its relationship to teaching and supervision has been published widely.

Associate Professor Janne Malfroy, Research and Policy | Learning and Teaching Centre, Australian Catholic University

Janne Malfroy is an active researcher in doctoral education for over ten years, and has published several journal papers in the area and presented at key conferences, both in Australia and overseas. In 2005, she completed her doctoral thesis on university and workplace programs in doctoral education.

Project Manager

Dr Kevin Ryland, University of Technology Sydney

Kevin Ryland has undertaken the project management of several OLT/ALTC projects in the area of research education and distributed leadership.  He is active in the field of research education at the national level which includes project managing the fIRST website, an online resource for doctoral supervision.

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