About the OLT project

Significant challenges and changes occurring in research education are having a direct impact on the nature of research degree supervision and its leadership. Changes in doctoral education are partly the result of its growth and diversity away from the ‘traditional’ PhD, together with a growing understanding of the importance of a relationship between research education and Australian innovation and economic development.

The supervision of research students is becoming more visible, transparent and accountable. No longer can research education be seen as the sole domain of the student and a single supervisor but rather it involves many others. In addition, the notion that students can effectively learn research through a singular approach, such as the apprenticeship model, is no longer viable. Rather, a new range of learning and teaching approaches is required. Thus, there are growing demands on the role of supervision and learning in research education. New roles in the management and leadership of research education are emerging. A major challenge is for academics responsible for research degrees within faculties to see themselves as leaders of research education rather than only as processors of applications and allocators of supervision. These academics are the focus of this project funded by the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching.

The full report from the project can be found here.

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