Exploring different ways of supervising

A reflective interview task for supervisors, with briefing and debriefing workshops
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Workshop introduction

This resource contains a reflective interview task for supervisors and briefing and debriefing notes for workshop facilitators. The task was designed for participants to do between workshops in a supervisor development program. Participants interview an experienced supervisor, then reflect on the interview in relation to both their own experiences and an article on the ‘delicate balance’ in supervision (Delamont, Parry & Atkinson, 1998). They then come to a workshop where the task is debriefed in pairs and with a whole group.

Intended learning outcomes

The aim of the activity is to enhance supervisors’ awareness of variation in supervisory approaches, so that they can choose from a wider range of approaches – those which are most relevant for their students, stages of supervision and supervisory contexts.

List of contents

Workshop plan

      1. Who, when and why?
      2. Suggested timetable
      3. Preparation
      4. Detailed advice for facilitators
        1. Session 1:
          – Introductory activities
          – Briefing participants before the interview
          – Choosing a supervisor to interview
          – Doing the interview
        2. Session 2:
          – Debriefing participants
        3. Responses from previous participants

v. Instructions for conducting the interview

        1. Interview process
        2. Interview hints
        3. After the interview
        4. Overhead master: Debriefing the interview



This workshop guide was originally developed by:
Jo McKenzie, as part of a supervisor development program
at the University of Technology, Sydney

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