Understanding the causes of student-supervisor problems


In this resource you are invited to reflect on the causes of student-supervisor problems by analysing various scenarios and case studies. This can be done independently by submitting your thoughts in the text boxes provided, or with others if you are part of a group. Each scenario or case study has a question or a number of questions to consider.

The scenarios represent everyday kinds of problems that supervisors encounter. The case studies are more complex and are structured to highlight factors beyond the student-supervisor relationship.

Scenario 1: Bob and Pam

Scenario 2: You and John

Case study 1: Conflict between different stakeholders

Case study 2: An academic minefield


This exercise was originally developed by:
Dr Peggy Nightingale
fIRST Consortium consultant
Former Director, Professional Development Centre, UNSW
It was updated by Professor Mark Tennant, UTS

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